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Write for Life is a Love Pain & Poetry initiative to encourage the world to write for 15 minutes a day for mental health therapy. Everyone is encouraged to participate. 

A Queen's oath





bow to serve you

and promise

never to desert you.

I will forsake all

who came before you.

My love will never hurt you.

Seek me and I will follow.

Your heart I will not borrow.

I will give you mine instead

and lay comfortably in your bed.

Our sheets will not hide secrets.

My heart requests that you keep it.

My body will beseech you from beneath it.

Trusting you, I will stay truthful

so that our continuous love will be fruitful.

At night I will stay where you place me

and by day I will walk where you take me.

Never leaving your side,

I will obey with pride.

There is no thrown

accept your home

and I will be guardian

of all that you own.

When you beckon

I will harken to the call.

If we tread on thin ice

I will not fall.

I have been created,

fashioned and molded

to be all that you require

so to fill every desire.

It is my desire

to serve you well.

And with my love,

I give you this:


My solemn swear,

as if it were a prayer,

that I love you

and always will.

Catt Cousins edits/curates short stories at Love, Pain & Poetry and can be reached by email at

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