Love Pain & Poetry

Write for Life

Write for Life is a Love Pain & Poetry initiative to encourage the world to write for 15 minutes a day for mental health therapy. Everyone is encouraged to participate. 

Love, Pain & Poetry wants to publish your work.

  In a week or so Love, Pain & Poetry expects to make a huge announcement or two. We’ve been diligently working to create a publishing company (That isn’t the announcement). 

   I’m really excited about the endeavor and partnership.  House of Romious and Love, Pain & Poetry are behind Love, Pain & Poetry Publishing.  Together we are doing indie publishing differently.  We offer paid services but when the time money and a manuscript presents it self we offer services in exchange for a royalty. We aren’t here for the quick buck. We’re here to create a great product and grow a brand. 

 Andre and I collaborated on our first product back in March. It was “I Never Met A Pisces I Didn’t Love”. It’s several poems about a few women I’ve dated and loved who actually happened to be Pisces.  Andre called one day and said let’s do something. I shot the manuscript over and the rest was history.

 I sent it over to @poetfida on twitter (follow her) and we were able to design and produce the book in a week.  Normally the process takes longer than this but we were determined to publish the book in Pisces season and it was a success. 

 We can do this for you. Design, proofread and advise on how to proceed with your manuscript. Email us at We will answer your inquiries. 

If you want to submit a blog or manuscript just send it over to in the following format:


Cover Letter with how you intend to market your manuscript. 

.5 inch margins

double spaced

Size 12 font  

PDF or word file

illustrations ok in PDF/no pictures at all 

Someone will get back to you in four weeks if we are interested in your work. (could be eight) 

  In the meantime you should be building an author platform and networking. This will ultimately help sell your book even if you don’t publish with us.