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Tyrese Had a Mental Breakdown and the Internet Got It Wrong

I watched Tyrese cry and complain, but I didn't get the same sentiment as most people. I defended his behavior and I was bothered by the negative comments. I saw it through the tears and crying over The Rock's spin-off. Twitter and Facebook users were calling him names, such as crybaby and other names associated with a female dog, that should never be associated with anyone.  

Christmas a couple years ago with the grandparents.  You may laugh at Tyrese. I just don't think that kind of pain is funny.  

Christmas a couple years ago with the grandparents.  You may laugh at Tyrese. I just don't think that kind of pain is funny.  

I saw a broken man, afraid and lonely.  I understood what I saw and I've been through it. The difference is that I wasn't the offending parent, and I had lost the case, despite the abuse actually taking place. So, I've seen the same tears over a child.  I've cried, ached, and I've wanted to beat faces in. I've overreacted from stress and took my stress out on my friends, family, and others. In fact, I knew Tyrese was suffering from a form of depression, or other mental ailments, from the rants with The Rock.  I'm not claiming to be a doctor or a medical professional.  His gripes just didn't make sense. In this case, it takes one to know one type of revelation. I did similar acts using less obvious methods. I sought attention in other ways.  My tears were more on my Facebook keystrokes, minus the videos. My ego won't allow me to cry in front of anyone, maybe my mother and my future wife. When my friend committed suicide I broke down.  Waterworks for days and in public. It didn't help that I found out by chance. I cried on social media, but all you heard was a Frozen E92 M3 screaming, and you watched my speedometer needle bounce around. The power of the V8 held me close as the PS2's kept me glued to the asphalt. The entire time the seat contoured my spine and dried my tears. 

Depression can kill you, and it can turn you into a cold breathless corpse. It will take your family, finances, and dignity. I know because I've been in Tyrese's shoes, and while I probably have friends that could have pulled a Will and Jada with $4.90 million less, I would not respect myself as a man had I went asking for help. He knows he can't beat The Rock. No disrespect, but at 5'11 and 172 lbs there is not much happening. Tyrese blamed his ex-wife for being dropped from FF9. That doesn't pass the common sense test.  

Depression will make you withdraw from loved ones, lash out at friends, and be overly emotional about everything. I would go to a family function and when someone said something crazy to me I'd just leave. No goodbyes. No hugs. I would just vanish. The mere mention of something that internally caused my pain was a reason to go home.  

Depression will cause your finances to go into disarray (retail therapy). Buying new things releases endorphins that masks depression. Even if you are the richest person in the world you can cause serious financial harm to yourself. You may not go broke but you will feel it.  Depression has a way to reach out and grab you, but his ex-wife alleges more than just depression. This type of therapy causes financial mistakes you wouldn't normally make, especially when you have a high net worth. I've been there and it leads me to talk about his net worth, a reported $13 million dollars. I listened to uneducated people ridicule him for being broke. YOU are undereducated on finances.  I don't know the first thing about being a millionaire, but I'll tell you what I know about personal finances for the little people using Tyrese's $13 Million (Unverified, other sources say $25M USD) net worth. 

Based on a book I read some years ago, written by Suze Orman, Tyrese would have 5 percent of cash or liquid assets. So if it's $25 million, he would have had $1.7 million in the bank. If his attorney costs a million or two Tyrese is hurting emotionally, financially, and who knows what else. Just imagine if he is only worth $13 Million then he is broke. He has no liquid assets up until the generous donation from Will and Jada. The rest of his net worth is his cars, home, jewelry, and any other assets. This leads me to believe that he has $25 million in assets and $12 million in debt. Forgive me, I trust Forbes more than I trust the richest. So let's total it up at $650,000 in the bank. Keep in mind the rules may be different for the rich and this number could be higher. In a two month period, most of his non-liquid assets could still be unavailable.  Remember, we are assuming his finances are perfect here. If he is comfortable without cash or keeps a lower liquid amount to control spending, his situation is easy for someone to understand. Broke doesn't mean poor but selling off assets, if he chose that route, can take longer than 60 days.    

The Road to Wealth
By Suze Orman

I wasn't picking fights, but if you disrespected me during my period of depression you were likely to get cussed out or offered violence. I primarily kept to myself and tried to treat everyone with respect. My friends would write a comment on my post, stating: "you're crying again." I tried keeping my cool because I knew it wasn't good. So, I tried not to let my emotions get the best of me. The entire time you just want someone to discover your pain and end it. No one knows they are depressed, until a trigger has been pulled or a pill has been swallowed. The comments about Tyrese from the public are abhorrent.

The public immediately jumped to the mother's side and called him terrible things, which maybe true, but the first thing that needed to happen here was treatment and then the public could have tried him in the court of opinion. We witnessed someone's mental health erode over the course of two months. Instead of people calling for help they called this man so many names and provided so much stupidity into what he should or shouldn't be doing. The worst part about this is that the case was dropped, meaning there was probably little evidence to support the mother's claims. I don't see any apologies or retractions. People are still after this man after witnessing a mental breakdown. Despite my support, I believe Tyrese spanked his daughter. I'd like to think it was within the confines of the law. I also believe he may be bipolar as his ex-wife suggested in the court documents. It's also noted that he cried uncontrollably due to his daughter meeting her grandmother, in Israel, for four days.  His post about Will and Jada giving him $5 million is also poor in taste. There is something wrong and I hope he seeks therapy. Israel and the $5 million are as disturbing to me as the video of him crying.  


 The comments made about Tyrese are despicable and uneducated.  Tyrese, despite his wealth and reported arrogance, is one of us. He's not a silver spoon trust fund baby. He earned his wealth and that's something to be respected. These same individuals would want people to aid them in a fight for their child. If you take nothing away from my blog, remember there is very little difference from a man crying to bodies dropping. When tears stop, shooting usually starts. So many men take the lives of others, or their own, at the end of bad runs in family court. I am not saying Tyrese is there, I am saying certain situations turn out much worse for others. If his video was a cry for help the internet failed everywhere, except on his thread where he does have a lot of supporters.     

If I could say anything to Tyrese it would be to Write For Life and put this behind him. Seek treatment and any friend willing to give you $5 million is worth more than their generosity.  Thank you for reading, and remember his or her mental health needs to be de-stigmatized so we can have these conversations and get people to seek treatment.  


Charles Stokes is a Veteran and the self-published author of Love Pain & Poetry, his first collection of Poetry. He is an avid writer and encourages people to Write for Life on his apple channel and at  You can follow Charles by clicking on one of the social media links below.