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The Love Pain & Poetry Store is a writers heaven. It has everything you need to pen great poetry. The only thing we don't carry is the coffee and tea bags for our mugs. 

Love, Pain & Poetry: Denying The Anger & Bargaining with the Truth

Love, Pain & Poetry: Denying The Anger & Bargaining with the Truth


Love, Pain & Poetry's first book. A series of poetic prices culminating in uncertainty and depression. Read  The Depression and It's Acceptance is book two of this series.  This is the second Edition of the book with an updated cover. The formatting has been updated and has 35 new poems.

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It was during May 2016 that Charles wrote 50 poems in 10 days that later became Love Pain and Poetry (not all 50 made the cut). These poems are a compilation of his struggles to find his way in the world amidst the drama of lost love (family, friends, romance) and showcases his path to pulling together all the broken pieces of his life. In addition, Stokes also developed a “Write for Life” project to inspire and encourage others to maintain good mental health on his website,

About the Author
Charles Stokes is an avid writer and military veteran from Baltimore, MD who fought for his country with pride in Iraq and Afghanistan. His time at war and his interactions with others throughout his life have given him a deeper understanding of the human experience which he began to write about while deployed to Afghanistan. In his free time, Stokes is a car enthusiast, appreciates sports, and target shooting. Love, Pain and Poetry is his first book of poetry.