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Stories of real people experiencing real pain from relationship, family and life issues. People struggling with anxiety and depression can all submit as a guest blogger to share their life and mental health frustrations.


Anyone remember the song, "What about your friends?" Seriously, What about them?  They cause a lot of pain sometimes unknowingly because they can't be there all the time.  But sometimes you have to let them know you really need them because they have problems too that they may not be sharing with you.  Don't be so quick to write them off as not caring.  When dealing with some of the issues in this book, I reached out to a friend. We will call the Dr.  She couldn't talk. I was devastated to a degree. What I didn't know was she was dealing with a situation in her own home.  She ended up calling on me for assistance, I wasn't able to give everything she needed but I gave everything I had.  So what happened? We speak more frequently and she has helped guide me on this project.  That means the world to me as we haven't been in touch. You have to manage your relationships and be patient as you would expect them to be.  

I experienced pain from her unavailability on a late night.  Once I found out what she was dealing with I was angry that she had to go through that. Communication is important and your friends should always communicate with you.  I make mistakes at times and always seek forgiveness. But back to my original question what about your friends?

I lost a very important friend this year. At least I felt they were important. I would have did practically anything if it meant success for her.  I mean when my grandfather died she was the only person I wanted to speak too.  I can't lie she grew on me with that appeal and swag she has.  We fell out and it was partially my fault.  My family practically ripped apart from his death. 

So, what happened was...  I can't write when I am upset but I wrote her. The sentiment was clear the message cloudy.  I needed her I put in so many words.  The message came off as I wanted her.  She's cute so let the cards fall where they lay. You can't get to yes if you're afraid of no.   You expect your friends to say, "I'm not interested."   I didn't expect her to run and disappear. We were tight, at least I thought we were. In any case, I got rejected and got over it. I'll will live... But when I tried to talk about it she talk she wasn't feeling me.  

The important thing is she wished me happy fathers day yesterday. We haven't spoke in weeks. That meant a lot to me.  So I guess In the near future I am going to say thank you and try to have a conversation so we can smooth things over.  

As for my homies, I have a few. My best friend has a son whose birthday is a day before mine. It is a personal goal to make that a thing. I have another friend who has more kids than there are states. Ha, YEAH JAMES (insider).  I am going to pay for that but if you guys laugh with me it'll be worth it. 

What About Your Friends
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My friends are amazing people they come from all walks a life. Rich and poor, straight and narrow, I still know some scary fellows, my most dangerous friends are often mellow and would give a stranger the shirt off of their back.  Male and female alike I love these people. 

What about your friends?