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Fathers Day

Today, I drove 46 miles to have breakfast with my father.  My brother and I drove about the same distance from different directions.  I was happy to see my Dad as we playfully trolled over Sade being able to sing but otherwise being a boring entertainer.  This conversation started after my 26 year old brother said, "name Jay-z's top three songs."  I name three old songs.  Renegade, Allure made the list and was even debating 22 two's.  That song is 20 years old but I still love it. I just couldn't choose it's too many. To be honest, I haven't heard anything new from Jay-z as my ear for music has changed.  I am not into rap anymore but HOVA is definitely an influence.  But don't misunderstand. I am not claiming to be a scholar on rap at all.  I just have my own flavor of music and you'll hear it in my poetry. Anyway, the conversation was left unresolved with a waitress staring at us like what in the hell we were talking about.  I told her SADE or Rihanna, lol.  She quickly chose Ri Ri.  My Dad being who he is quickly decided to shift the comparison to Adele who we all agreed on.  He just wanted to be right.  I playfully reminded the waitress that I was paying for the meal today.  

So as the morning progressed they asked about the book.  I shared the website and blog and told them what we had coming up in the next week or so.  So the food came and it was OK but no one wanted to wait and hour for Cracker Barrel. So we went to bob evans across the highway. That didn't bother me at all.  The conversation shifted to my brother is moving to Ohio and we chatted about his big move as we finished up breakfast.  This is a big move for him.  New baby, fiancée, new city a whole new life. Let me add my future sister in-law is pretty awesome as you'll find out in the book she had my back by just keeping the truth.


I have to be honest Fathers day is somewhat depressing for me.  I can sum this up rather quickly.  My daughter lives in Florida, her mother lives in Rhode Island and I am paying child support. While I am working the situation it's a challenge. I just want to say to all the fathers out there trying to do the right thing despite resistance. Keep your head up you are not alone.  Keep fighting and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!  write about it....share your story here.... Blog on my blog...

By Sade