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The one place we write about all the happy things in life that give us peace. Long walks in the park holding hands and days spent laying in the sun with that special someone. Love & Poetry the happy place. 

An Ordinary Day (Valentine's)


Valentines day is only a time,
I am reminded of individuals Dutifully making rituals
For other people's sake.
Why do we have to commemorate?
When they say? No, I make the choice to celebrate,
Despite not having a date.
Every shop you go, speaks of Gifting others as an act of love. Yet, true love comes with no condition.
Tenderness requires no acquisition.The miserable lonely can only ache.Excluded from games they cannot partake.

On this Valentines, light a candle for the love inside. Dine with yourself tonight! When one loves thy self, Everyday can be Valentines.
Luiza SohlComment