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The one place we write about all the happy things in life that give us peace. Long walks in the park holding hands and days spent laying in the sun with that special someone. Love & Poetry the happy place. 

Hi, I'm Catt!

Hi, Everyone! I am Catt.

I will be one of the bloggers on this site. I will share words of wisdom and poetry based on the events I have experienced in my life. I will not claim to know many things. I will only tell you the truth about love and how it has effected me as a person and writer. I will be contributing my own stories and poetry, as well as editing this site.

I am a single mother of a beautiful little boy, and everyday I am learning how amazing it is to completely love another. He is the greatest gift God has given me and the best decision I've ever made.

I want to give my son a better life and for this reason I went back to school after eight years of forgetting my dreams. I thank a very good old friend for giving me the extra push I needed. She very simply told me to stop talking about going to school and just do it because she was not going to listen to me say it anymore. I now have a BA in Creative Writing and English Literature with a concentration in Fiction. I am also earning a MFA in Screenwriting.

Writing is my passion and I want to spread the word. I will not claim to be the best writer, but I am a strong one because I pour my whole life into my words.

I look forward to contributing and reading the many contributions that may come.

All things have a reason and all things have a season.
— Catt
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