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The one place we write about all the happy things in life that give us peace. Long walks in the park holding hands and days spent laying in the sun with that special someone. Love & Poetry the happy place. 



Welcome to Love, Pain, & Poetry.  If you know me and some of you reading this probably do, you are probably wondering why I would write a book.  I don't want to be obvious and say love pain and poetry but...that is exactly the reason.  I'm 36 years old and I have dated women from every single continent from Asia to Australia.  Traveling west of course and I just haven't been able to get it right. NO, NO, NO I am not sleeping with every woman I date but of course that happens from time to time.  I am not a player or looking to have a little fun until I'm married. I am the exact opposite.  With that said, I've been called smooth, suave and a host of other names that you would associate with a player. My travels... and I use the term loosely as my passport has never been stamped.   They have taken me to Laos, Samoa, Germany, Persia, Africa, South America and back to Australia.  Stopping in the Caribbean three times.  There is apparently a little island I like and can't get enough of.  Jesus be a fence.   I'm talking about love and passion. You guys have jokes about my travels? Let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone.   Love, Pain and Poetry is a series that will take you with me in my travels across the world in relationships managing cultural differences distance and distress.  They always start off with lust, love and pain. Ending dramatically in poetry. 

The love is what I remember and reminisce over years later sometimes.  I remember the kisses, hugs, intimacy and the passion.  I mull over decisions I made and second guess them.  It always seems to end the same.  In defeat, my problem is I only want to see the good in people. I fail to see the red flags and seem to love the red, white, blue, with a touch of green flags. (inside joke, inside the book that is)

Which then brings on the pain because some people are complete let downs and I am not talking about a particular gender.  This isn't exclusively about romantic relationships.  People will let you down time and time again if you allow it.  The pain comes from failed communication, missed commitments and empty promises. Friends and family deliver pain too.

In comes the poetry.  I started writing poetry in 2009.  There was this girl that I absolutely love(d).  I mean she to this day has my heart.  I couldn't see her so I would write to her time and time again. I wrote so much poetry on her I could write a book. I probably will, no we probably will.    Fast forward a little bit. It didn't happen and while I know we are friends we don't communicate.  She's apparently with the man of her dreams. So love dictates that I must pain myself to poetry and process that!  I told you guys I wasn't a player but there's no way this girl and I talk and I play platonic. I don't even know what that word means.

So I want to keep you guys and gals entertained so this blog will be frequented and some other writers. Heck, if you want to share your story send it to me.  Maybe this blog will find one of you love. For me, I am retired but like a athlete who has one year left.  I want to have a lot of fun with you all so join the social media pages interact share photos, poetry, live performances and most of all stories. We are going to live precariously through love, pain and poetry.  I intend to be particularly revealing throughout the series.  I invited one of the women in my upcoming book to blog here on this sight.  Am I reckless?  Yep, probably explains why I am sitting alone in front of my computer 9:30 at night sipping on a Laguanitas pilsner instead of tucking the 2 year old that I don't have in.  But I'll save that for another day or get the book when it's released.  I have a meeting with a publisher in the morning. If all goes well July 18 will be the release.  More to come.

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