Love Pain & Poetry


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you charging?

Prompting material has a cost and what we post must come with a license to use. The cost is divided up among our users. Every new user enhances our community.

Why not accept donations?

We accept donations. Money, photographs, music and other forms of art that can be used as prompting material.  We also accept donations of time by professors who love to teach poetry and other arts. You can contribute by providing us with instructional videos or volunteer to make one. We will bring the camera if you are local.  Please send all donated material to  or use the link below.


Why am I paying more but not receiving the book?

We would prefer you get the full access membership with the book(upgrade). We want you to participate in the discussion.   If you renew you get the next book mailed on the day your subscription renews.

What do you do with the money raised?

It buys officially licensed art, photography, music and video. 

I am not a poet why should I join?

You can journal, or you can write poetry which is a lot of fun. When you join you get free access to our courses which have a workbook to help you through the learning session. 

I am a published poet, why would I join your site?

To help others, participate in contest, collaborate, find graphic designers, publicists, marketing experts, musicians and to join our awesome team.  We want you. This site is enhance by every poet that joins. There is someone out there looking for hope and your words may just save their life and inspire them to write.