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We launched Love, Pain & Poetry Publishing toward the end of May. We have an anthology project Imagoes: A Queer Antology. Signed Poet Katherine E.H. Robinson to a deal and will be re-launching the Love, Pain & Poetry book series under our publishing brand.  The best part is we are accepting submissions for this site. All accepted submissions will be placed in the blog or used around our site. We want you to submit regularly.  In addition, we want your short stories.  Yes, please submit your short stories to Love, Pain & Poetry Publishing below.  Please include a cover letter and bio.

Love, Pain & Poetry-

Love Pain & Poetry will go as far as we take it. Together we can produce literary works, art, courses, and seminars. Love Pain & Poetry is a platform for writers. You shouldn't have to pay for a following. Your audience, our audiences have different desires. You write fiction, I write poetry and sally paints. Together we can get the right product to the right person. We just maximized our network and saved some serious marketing dollars.

I want you artists to realize the power of your art, words and networks and use them to help each other achieve your goals. Were not going to dictate to you how we're going to do it together.  It's truly limitless what we can achieve together.  It's all volunteer.  What we become will be totally up to our contributors. Will we become a literary magazine? Will we publish? Will we offer editing services. It's completely up to our volunteers.  I hope you join us.  I will update as we develop.