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”Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.” – TS Elliot

The famous words above by TS Elliot embody the soul of what Love Pain & Poetry represents. We are a community of writers, artists, and people who just want to attempt to put our emotions to words. We have all at different moments of our lives battled with anxiety, depression and sundry mental and psychological issues and we have found great release and relief by putting our musings to words. We are an ever expanding online poetry community of poets and aspiring poets and we welcome you to join us so you can enjoy all the full benefits of being one of us.


Love Pain & Poetry strives to build resiliency in normal people like you and me through communication and the arts.
— Short and Sweet


Every great idea starts in the simplest of ways. On a gloomy Sunday in May, I started writing and I simply didn’t stop. 10 days later, I had over 50 works that were powerful and true. They weren’t necessarily about love but they definitely had elements of pain. I realized that the way best way to deal with the pain was to face it, express it in my art and in the words that I wrote.

So I penned down some book outlines, opened this website, created social media accounts and that’s only the beginning. I have a story to tell, a story I know will resonate in the hearts of many and people will able to connect to. I hope you enjoy my stories as we learn to cry, laugh, write and love together.

Love Pain and Poetry isn’t just an idea, it’s a movement to create a place where people can express themselves, view art, music, photography that speaks to their minds and hearts. I have personally discovered that writing is a good start in the journey of dealing with issues. In the United States alone 30,000 people die from suicide and 750,000 people attempt it. Depression is a serious issue that many people overlook. You could take pills and see doctors but the only person that can pull you out of that state of mind is YOU.

Love Pain and Poetry exists to provide a place where people can go to at any time of the day and find art of any kind to write to and use as a form of release, a place where people can come to share their stories, thoughts, and experiences without being judged. A place that speaks to your mind, telling you “Hey, you’re not perfect that’s nothing to be ashamed of. After all, no one is perfect and we find beauty in that imperfection”.

This is the place people need, and Love Pain and Poetry is that place.




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